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Magic world of unicorns

Many young Gen Z people are looking for the popular items with unicorn motifs. And in fact, there really are plenty of options. On the one hand, there are of course unicorn costumes and dressing up utensils of any kind. On the other hand, there are also many items that bring the magical fairy tale creatures into our normal Instagram everyday life, so for example:

  • Everyday outfits with unicorn motif
  • Jewellery
  • Writing utensils
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Items for home furnishings
  • great pictures and posters
  • Accessories for pets
  • and much more.

Want a nice unicorn costume? Then you will of course find what you are looking for here. In addition, we always offer you information on the subject, keep the latest trends ready for you and give advice on the subject.

Let’s just take a look at where the mystical creatures come from in the first place and what all there is to know about unicorns!


Unicorns are more than just a myth!

The unicorn is a creature that resembles a horse with a single horn growing out on its forehead between its eyes. The horn is turned snail-shaped and the horse is usually bright white.
Unicorns have a very special meaning for us humans. Already in ancient times the unicorn was considered the purest and noblest of all mythical creatures and stood for beauty and goodness. The horn was considered a remedy and antitoxic. And in ancient legends, the horn is said to have been used as a drinking vessel by Aristotle, among others.
The figure of the mystical unicorn runs like a thread through literature and poetry. Especially in the Middle Ages, it was practically absent from any story or fairy tale.
The horn is said to have magical powers and is said to be able to heal bad wounds and even revive the dead. The same goes for the blood of the noble fantasy creature.
Whether the unicorn really once existed can of course not be convincingly proven - but dreaming is allowed!
Many suspect that the unicorn is based on a misinterpretation of early wall paintings that actually depicted ibexes or wild bulls. This is due to the fact that on these primitive wall paintings the animals were typically painted one-dimensionally and from the side view. In profile, it then looks as if the animals have only one horn.
Be that as it may - there is simply a fascination that emanates from the fabulous unicorns. Children in particular love the beautiful white creatures dearly and are therefore simply thrilled with unicorn outfits, school paraphernalia, plush pillows, costumes, etc. No wonder there are lots of party items with unicorn motif for children's birthday parties.
The importance of wearing a unicorn costume
So, since the unicorn is a symbol of good, it's no wonder that many would like to dress up as a unicorn at some point. You will find all the necessary utensils here in our shop.
Whether it's a funny horn or a complete inflatable costume, there's simply everything your heart desires.
And of course you will also find a lot of everyday clothes with unicorn motif. For example, attractive and extremely comfortable hoodies are particularly popular with young and old.
When it comes to comfort and wearability, unicorn kigurumis are of course an absolute hit. Whether as pyjamas or as a house suit for cold winter days, the original Unicorn Onesie is not only insanely comfortable, but also easy to care for.
By the way, when buying you should pay attention to good quality materials and appropriate processing. After all, you want to have something from the fancy costume or garments for as long as possible. That is why we only offer articles from selected manufacturers in our shop.

Dress up as a unicorn!

Of course, unicorn costumes and unicorn items make wonderful gift ideas. Little girls in particular get excited like crazy about all sorts of things, from hair bands, to clothing items, to stuffed animals, posters, and many other things.
Children's birthday parties are guaranteed to be a success with decorative items, costumes, and matching gifts!
Kawaii products - it doesn't get much cuter than this!
Beside the popular unicorn articles you will also find a lot of dreamlike kawaii articles. Again, they range from clothing, home furnishings, utensils for the home and school, to stuffed animals, games, jewelry and much more.
The term Kawaii comes from Japan and is originally the Japanese term for "adorable", "cute", "childlike" or "attractive". It stands for an aesthetic concept that emphasizes innocence and childishness. Hello Kitty products are a good example. Kawaii fashion - especially for girls, of course - has plenty of frills, bows and other embellishments accordingly. The school uniform style is popular, i.e. short pleated skirts with long knee socks, cute accessories, long hair tied up in pigtails, etc.
Kawaii motifs can of course also be found on cups, plates, cushions, posters, writing utensils, etc.
Especially in the comic area or with mascots in Kawaii style, it is noticeable that the figures are extremely stylized and have hardly any facial expressions. In the case of Hello Kitty, there isn't even a mouth anymore.
If you are looking for kawaii products and especially unicorn items, you will find them here. We offer a huge range of high quality and original items!








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